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About Us

Just in Time Learning Academy...

Welcome to Just In Time Learning Academy (J.I.T.L.A), located on 9010 Coastal Highway Milford, DE 19963. We are excited to serve you and your family in our program! Each day, we strive to provide excellent care,support, and education to your child. With the help of our trained professionals, our goal is to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, while giving your child the opportunity to learn, grow and play.


Mission Statement

 Our mission at J.I.T.L.A is to provide a safe, high quality, developmentally appropriate Childcare Program for all children six weeks old through twelve years of age. We will focus on the individual child's ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth. The children in our program will be led by trained professionals who will have the necessary knowledge and continued training to support your child's developmental needs. J.I.T.L.A will provide a safe atmosphere that allows the children to express and accept themselves while embracing the differences of others.      


Educational Philosophy 

J.I.T.L.A believes that all children have distinctive characteristics and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. It is our desire to create this type of atmosphere where children are invited to share their ideas and take risks, while reaching developmentally appropriate milestones.

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